Roommates, Young and Old

Here’s a great two minute clip about a twenty seven year old student and an eighty nine year old retiree living together.  So sweet.

And because Musings and Malarkey can’t be entirely rainbows and butterflies, here’s a thought for you finance homies.  Apple’s (AAPL) share price recently fell to $112, off a fifty two week high of $124.  If Apple ends up finding a bottom, you can be sure that Tim Cook will be there to prop it up.  He’s not afraid to dive into the nitty gritty and will bend over backwards for the staff.


Random Bidtits (9/21/2016)

First, an amusing YouTube video titled God’s Diary is Embarrassing from College Humor.

And now, some terrific spots from a cross country road trip.  Any funny or witty quips regarding the third and fourth photos – please leave them in the comments section!