Arch Stanton Guest Posting: Fictional Women I Have Had A Crush On

As a child raised on television and pop culture, unlike dear Disillusioned Dilettante who was raised by CNBC and folk tales of Reagan in his Hollywood days, I have, at various points in time, developed romantic feelings for fictional characters. Don’t act like this is weird. Don’t act like you can’t relate. Don’t repress those memories. Embrace the fact you were in love with the figment of some dirty screenwriter’s who never existed, let alone someone who could actually disappoint you. This is getting dark. TO THE LIST! (DISILLUSIONED DILETTANTE OBLIGATORY ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT SHOUT OUT: “TO THE NUTS” – Uncle Jack)
Marion Ravenwood
Marion Ravenwood
If you thought this could start any other way, well, then my name isn’t Arch Stanton! (NOTE: my name is not Arch Stanton). Marion was an all-time badass – we first see her slugging down Nepali grog with the locals where she not only is hanging with them in a drinking contest, but winning. This has already endeared her to me as a child who had yet to drink – I know an elegant lady when I see one. This scene continues with Marion sassing Indiana Jones, which we can contextualize as “a woman telling a man to go pound sand in the 1940’s” (progressive!), and then beating some Nazi ass. This pattern continues throughout the movie – “Indy, what the fuck are you doing”, punch Nazi, “Indy don’t do that”, shoot Nazi. She didn’t need to be told twice not to look at the Ark, so she would be adequately prepared for the majesty of seeing me without my shirt on. Pluses abound!
I love a confident, intelligent and self-reliant woman, and Marion possesses all of these in spades.  Plus she is anti-Nazi, an important distinction to make early in this modern dating scene. If we’re going to get shallow (and we will obviously, you’ve read other things in this forum before), she has the most wonderful smile and freckles. The freckles absolutely killed me as a ten-year old, so much so that things I remembered about Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark after seeing first seeing it were 1.) Melted face, 2.) Marion’s freckles. Freckles will be a recurring theme for those preparing for the test at the end.
We’ll pretend Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Mutt Williams never happened. If you don’t know, consider yourself blessed.
Jessica Rabbit
Looking back, I don’t understand the reasoning behind the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Imagine the pitch (it’s 1988, there are mounds of cocaine everywhere, everyone is celebrating the Golden Years of America as the Era of Reagan continues under the guise of George Bush):
 – Exec 1: “How about a dark film noir about an alcoholic detective, roped back into one last gig to exonerate a man framed for murder who’s wife is cheating on him?”
– Exec 2: “YES, an edgy violent thriller!”
– Exec 1: “BUT FOR KIDS!”
– Exec 2: “…”
– Exec 2: “…”
/both do a huge line
/end scene
ANYWAY, I never understood the plot of this movie, and after reading the Wikipedia for the plot summary, I understand it less now than I previously did. But the purpose of Jessica Rabbit was very apparent – sexually confuse children with a cartoon bombshell with a bust roughly three times the size of her hips. I am unsure if my lifelong lust is a result of Jessica Rabbit, or if she was merely an early piece of this puzzle.
Unrelated to my affinity for Jessica Rabbit, but one of my favorite little things is to search “Jessica Rabbit” on Instagram after Halloween. Sends me right to my fainting couch every year.
Diane Chambers
 Diane Chambers
Diane spent most of her time on Cheers a neurotic trainwreck, toggling between being harassed by Sam Malone and emasculating him; in other words, she was the female lead in an 80’s sitcom. She’s very wispy, intelligent (or at least good at emulating an intelligent person), high-on-her-horses, elegantly snobby girl prone to long winded speeches or poetic quotations. Who doesn’t love poetry, amiright?!? She commonly leads Sam on, only to change her mind or prove to be difficult once things start to go her way, and at one point forcing Sam to propose roughly a dozen times, finding reasons to say no each time. That’s the type of emotional abuse I’m looking for in a woman!
I liked Diane a fair amount, and then my fondness grew exponentially upon seeing her half-assed replacement with Kirstie Alley’s Rebecca Howe. Give me a woman who will treat me like shit any day over a undiagnosed lunatic masquerading as a Scientologist. The point being, Diane seems like an obtainable mess of a person I would enjoy being around. This probably says a lot more about me than it does her.
Hermione Granger
The most predictable entry on this list. I like to think I was picking up what novel-Hermione was putting down as I read the first few Harry Potter books, but let’s be real – we liked Emma Watson. She was very intelligent, pro-active, and if we’re being real, the only member of the Harry-Ron-Hermione trifecta worth a shit. How would this series have been different if Hermione Granger was the title character? It would have been over in a book and a half with Hermione still maintaining a 4.0 GPA. “Oh, but Harry was so brave!” Brave is what leads people into thinking they can drive after starting St Patrick’s Day at 7 am, or trying to put hats on bears. The point I’m getting at is Hermione was a babe, and she’d be proud to be the breadwinner. She could win my bread any day, ya know what I mean? (NOTE: This is the dumbest conclusion.)
Kim Possible
Aww yeah, more animated redheads! To borrow some adjectives from Wikipedia: “assertive, confident, adventurous, and popular high school student who moonlights as a crime-fighter”, “flustered despite her own good looks, multiple talents, and heroics” and “suffer[ing] from perfectionism, and can be pushy, bossy, and very headstrong.” Middle school me was SOLD. I was not especially cool (SHOCKING REVELATION ABOUT THE GUY WRITING ABOUT CARTOON REDHEADS, I KNOW), so I think I was most into the fact Kim was cool more than a badass, still knowing deep down that she would be shitty to me if she were real. I liked that she was a high-strung perfectionist, because so was I, preferring to do all my homework on Friday afternoon instead of, ya know, going outside or playing videos. I showed all the haterz but going on to BIG things, like, uhh, writing anonymously on a blog devoted to Reagan fan fiction.
If you can’t tell, I am struggling to identify why I liked Kim Possible so much. She was a fox who beat people up. I don’t think I need to further defend my selection.
Margaery Tyrell
FINALLY to the Game of Thrones section, or, the “definitely old enough to know better” part of this essay. Margaery is graceful, resplendent, clever, witty and the center of any room she is in. I find myself wildly attracted to her personality knowing full well she would manipulate me and bend me to her will. COUNTERPOINT: looks absolutely idyllic topless. And fully clothed, for that matter. I stand by my decision.
At the risk of overloading on Game of Thrones nerdom…
That’s what I’m talking about. Another self-possessed badass who is taking no shit from anyone. And has red hair. Unlike Hermioe, who I believe I (probably) retroactively had a crush on in the books, there was no doubt when Ygritte showed up. She was down right shitty to Jon Snow, who if we’re being totally honest, deserved it, and constantly pulled his ass out of danger. She doesn’t possess the sophistication of others on this list, but makes up for it by being the biggest badass, being the only woman on a roving gang of wildlings. Because this is Game of Thrones – also looks great naked.
Takeaways: Part of me wants to paint this as an interesting tapestry reflecting on who I am, but c’mon – it’s pretty obvious. I like women who would never tolerate my shit in real life, preferable either A. sophisticated or B. a badass. So, my ideal woman would be like, Ronda Rousey in Fast and Furious 7 if we were to computer-generate my perfect woman somehow. But with red hair. Duh.

Guest Posting by Arch Stanton: Stormy Daniels: An Investigation

As you are well aware, el Presidente’s latest scandal involves his putting his Cheeto-dusted penis where it doesn’t belong ala Bill Clinton, our substitute-teacher President. Like you, I have taken violent steps to avoid hearing about a man in his sixties being paddled by a washed-up pornstar with a magazine with his face on the cover while talking about how much his mistress reminds him of his daughter, but, if you couldn’t tell, I know far more than I ever wanted to know. In light of these traumatic details, what do we really know about the woman who has POTUS trembling in his children’s sized-8.5 velcro-Sketchers? Did you know she ran for the Senate in 2010 as a Republican, and her manager’s car was blown up during the campaign, possibly due to allegations from her camp that the sitting Senator had embezzled funds for a lesbian/bondage/prostitution/nightclub? More important than that sure-to-be-INSANE-story, what has Stormy Daniels’ more notorious career looked like, and what specific videos do you think Donnie has seen? This calls for an INVESTIGATION!

(So the idea came up, and it turns out Stormy has been in at least 151 movies, with 78 director/writing credits and 31 credits as herself, so let’s just look at movies for which she was nominated or won — there are still 42 of those, but a bunch are more body-of-work (pun intended) related than single performances so it’ll move faster than this introductory paragraph).

“Beautiful” (2004) – Could easily be confused for some French arthouse flick with such a bland name. How are you even suppose to know what kind of plowin’ to expect with a title like that? Trump skipped this, and I don’t blame him.

“Not A Romance” (2004) – Better, but still not telling us much. Sounds kinda like one of those corny parody movies from the early 2000s like “Not Another Teen Movie” or “Meet the Spartans”. Ugh, a porn parody of a parody film. Trump probably skipped over this one due to the “Inception”-level of layering involved to understand the premise, which would be fucking.

“Eternity” (2005) – Donnie definitely checked this one out due to the volume of awards it won. Best couples sex scene (with Randy Spears), best all-girl sex scene (with Jessica Drake) and best actress. Stormy went Meryll Streep on “Eternity” and really committed here. Knowing Trump’s proclivity for the best and most endorsed and most respected items, we could bet Donald Jr (not him, the other one) is familar with “Eternity”.

“Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre” (2005) – What the fuck is this? Pornography and power tools is a terrible combination (NOTE – not really!), but what is the audience for pornos and massacres? This warrants immediate inclusion on a half-dozen watch lists, right? “The girls are nice, and the penetration is great, but what it’s really missing is some dismemberment!” I guess Rule 34 continues to be validated.

“3 Wishes” (2006) – I am imagining a genie theme here, but it’s with the wishes of a thirteen year old so all the wishes involve getting laid. I get the idea that it would make for a terrible porno if the wishes were logical (“I wish for job stability! I wish for a loving wife and kids!”) but the premise already annoys me. If you’re going to wish to fuck a pornstar, at least pick an attractive one without weirdly bolted-on boobs. Trump would love this because he used his last wish on being President, and the monkey paw is starting to fold in its last finger.

“Taken” (2006) – Believe it or not, this movie came out two years before the infamous Liam Neeson vehicle, but I am choosing to live in the world where Stormy Daniels starred in Taken. “..but what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career — now, take off those jeans!” Stormy Daniels bangs her way across Eastern Europe trying to rescue her kidnapped kid, and ultimately ends up living a gilded life on a weapon-trader’s yacht. I don’t remember much else about Liam Neeson’s “Taken”. Trump probably watched this.

“Operation: Desert Stormy” (2007) – Trump has yet to show much of an interest in the Middle East, so it’s unlikely he’s seen this, but I can confidently say George Bush has.

“Black Widow” (2007) – Another one where the title doesn’t tell us much. I’m picturing one of those adult films that tries to feature a complex thriller plot with a twist at the end that only the director could explain if you ply him with enough painkillers. It must be frustrating to have gone to college to direct and to end up zooming in on penetration, only to be phased out of that by horny frat dudes with handheld cameras. Like Picasso being reduced to selling Garfield prints in Central Park. J/K Jim Davis is the true star, and will one day receive his rightful place on Mount Rushmore after we chisel off that bum Lincoln.

“Heat” (2008) – Randy Spears makes his second appearance! I looked up Randy Spears because I have to know what a man with that alias looks like, and he looks like Jean Claude van Damme if he went into porn so, Jean Claude van Damme. “Heat” definitely sounds like a porno that was trying too hard. I say moderate chance the Donald saw this.

“The Wicked” (2009) – Vaguely erotic, probably a late night Showtime thing where it’s a lot of boobs but no other nudity or good stuff. Can you imagine Trump sitting in one of his hotel rooms with his pud in his hand waiting for THE GOOD STUFF only for the sheets to be pulled up or long shadows to be cast over the action? Trump’s seen “the Wicked”, and he hated the shit out of it.

“Whatever It Takes” (2010) – Wasn’t this a Spike Lee movie? Anyway, Stormy was nominated as the director for this one, so we probably don’t see her yams or vulva, so Donnie skipped this one too.

“Partly Stormy” (2010) – Oh yeah, here we go with the punny names! This is a great deal after Trump and Stormy had their alleged affair (2006), and while Stormy was undergoing her Senator campaign. Let’s pause for a moment as we place our right hand over our hearts and listen to “God Bless America” as we marinate in that last sentence. Middle of the road on likelihood he watched this one.

“Heart Strings” (2011) – Heart strings aren’t in the vagina (are they not? Mike Pence is a bit hazy on the subject), and it was another director nomination, so Trump skipped this too.

“Switch” (2013) – Best screenplay AND best director noms! I didn’t know either of these were a thing you could be nominated for in the adult film industry, but here we are, learning! I bet these awards on the ones they pass out before everyone gets to their seats and, ya know, passes out. No way he saw this.

I figured the names would be more, uhhh, “porn-y”, if that makes sense, and less mid-90s-thrillers. So what do we takeaway here? Nothing, really. Trump probably knows what Randy Spears’ dick looks like? The takeaway for me is “research before you just start writing some inane bullshit” and “Stormy Daniels isn’t very attractive for a pornstar”, and for you, the reader, a re-evaluation of your life choices that lead you to thinking about the President’s masturbatory habits for fifteen minutes.

Song of the Day (3/17/2018)

Today’s song of the day is Night’s On Fire by David Nail. Country song but pretty mainstream and solid.

So. Stormy Daniels. Turning out to be a real headache for Donald Trump of the East and his team of winged monkeys. There’s a real threat that she’s going to come out and actually admit that she had sexual relations with Trump. That said, if Hillary were elected, we would’ve been similarly dismayed had Slick Willy come out and actually admit that he has had sexual relations with Hillary.

This Stormy business will all blow over in time. Knowing that Trump was there first, how many more guys can be willing to tongue punch her fart box? Much like the Apple iWatch, she’ll eventually be forgotten as the channels dry up and she finds herself sliding around too few fists.

Which brings me to my next point – Happy (belated) International Women’s Day (two Thursdays ago)! There’s a new female in my office who began earlier that week and we hired her as we’re absolutely swamped with projects and client mandates. While us guys were at the office until 1am that Thursday for an upcoming presentation, she chose to leave and head home slightly before 7pm, no shit. Coincidentally enough, that’s exactly 77% of the day! A HORSE, A HORSE, MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE!!! Find me the female analyst who stays late into the evening, toiling away on the keyboard to perfect that presentation. Find me the female analyst who foregoes personal relationships and hobbies to put the client above all else. Which female analyst will take this message and deliver it to Garcia?

Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m off to buy some Irish Cod filets to tenderize and slow-cook. In turns out, much like Aziz Ansari, I like home cooking oysters and mussels in my own kitchen, only he ultimately found a clam he couldn’t crack.

Well I’m off to take a shit before running to the seafood market. I had an appointment so I need someone to tell them I’m running behind, but not that I have a runny behind!


Huma Mahmood Abedin Moonlighting in Chicago?

Huma Mahmood Abedin. Or as you may know her, “Huma” (no relation to fellow A-list star and literal witness to unworldly keen depth perception, Uma Thurman).

No, Huma didn’t take her husband’s last name. Yes, Huma’s middle name reminds you of that particular appendage that shafted her political career. And much like her husband, Carlos Peligro, she’s been popping out in unexpected places. I think I found her in Chicago, here:

Huma mustafa changed her name.

Many of you don’t know this, but prior to being Vice Chair of Nasty Hillary’s 2016 campaign, Huma was Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, a designation she couldn’t maintain with Carlos.

Here’s where I sign off and give you a nod of the head and a wink of the eye but I think Carlos Peligro already did that in those (alleged) photos.

Women and the Insurance Industry

Gooooooood MORNING MIDDLE AMERICAAAAA!!!!! Short posting today. The following is a great quote (although the sperm part is cringeworthy) from Erick Gray:

“Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!”

Pushing right along here. Making great time! The following is a terrific diagram of the pharma cash flow process:

Stay thirsty, mis amigos. I’ll be back when Bitcoin hits $100,000 or $100…whichever comes first.

Song of the Day (10/10/2017) x Los Dos

Ah, October 10th.  Happy ten, ten, ten, twenty on yo titties, bitch.  Today’s song of the day is Rack City by Tyga.  Shout out to Mr. Rose.

However, after two hours of slamming my clam hammer balls deep into an industry overview, I realized that today’s song of the day has to be Back Dat Azz Up by Juvenile.  Brought to you by the definitely Americans and certainly not Indians good people at IBISWorld:

Where they missed a real opportunity to show rather than tell:

I came across this photo of a sandwich while doing market research at work.  Who else can lift a wet towel right now?

The Bachelor: A Guest Post by Arch Stanton

I have recently got way too into the Bachelor, and they just released the cast of wannabes, and I spent waaaaaaay too long writing this.

I got way too excited when I saw the cast for this season was released. And only four days before the premier! So much to consider in so little time! Let’s see who is here to pick up a couple thousand followers on Instragram, a protein supplement sponsorship and a future life as a D-list celebrity find love!

Adam:  His most embarrassing moment was telling his mother he was going on the Bachelorette, which is probably pretty accurate. The most romantic present he’s ever received was a threesome, which, good for him I suppose, and probably replaces “going on the Bachelorette” as the most embarrassing thing he’s had to tell his mom. His hair looks like a Brillo pad.

Alex: What the fuck is that haircut? It’s like Jordan Rodgers fucked a light socket. Ate a live salamander once. I’m sure there’s a story behind that, but I really don’t give a shit. His three favorite bands are the Beatles, Coldplay, and couldn’t think of a third because “music isn’t a big part of my life.” This has to be the first time any human being has said that. I meant the actually-enjoying-Coldplay part. They have to be the worst band on the planet. Nickelback has a target audience, and that audience isn’t me, but it’s basically sonic wallpaper that I can ignore if I hear. Coldplay is like auditory punishment of just generic trash. What if we took Radiohead, but made it for illiterate high school girls who want to seem deep? Coldplay. Plus, Chris Martin hooked up with Jennifer Lawrence and is 50% responsible for the term “conscious uncoupling.” My hatred for Coldplay is endless, and by proxy, Alex. Fuck you Alex, and fuck you Coldplay.

Anthony: Describes himself as “the laid back one that turns into the party starter as the night goes on” – so a lush in other words. Took a job teaching English in Indonesia, got a Fulbright Grant to teach in the Ivory Coast, read Haruki Murakami – frontrunner because he seems like a real human being rather than a sentient haircut. Yes I’m still pissed at Alex. Has no limits to what he’ll do in the bedroom if there’s a connection – I am going to interpret this as an interest in pegging. He could win if Rachel doesn’t mind that he looks like Shrek.

Blake E: His occupation is “aspiring drummer.” ASPIRING. Dude. I Googled “drumset” and you can get one for like $400.00. There is no reason to aspire, you can go get one for cheaper than the cost of a new phone. Stop aspiring and just apply yourself to something. I sound like my dad. I really want to figure out why he can’t just be a drummer instead of aspiring to be one, but said he was engaged for 48 hours, which really needs to be addressed. I’m sure this will be featured in an episode that involves him crying or coming off like a douchebag, which if we’re being fair, is how every single dude will end up looking by the time their run on this show is over. Said parking ticket people have no souls – harsh, but fair.

Blake K: Most admires his mother, which I’m sure he will try to parlay into being a feminist in a later episode. Chipotle is his life. Dream bigger, friend. Said he wouldn’t eat monkey brains for love – that is oddly specific. Is scared of sharks – this is fair, because they are literally prehistoric monsters bred exclusively to kill, and will result in him swimming with sharks on a date should he be fortunate enough to get that far. Spoiler – he won’t, because he’s Asian.

Brady: Male model, but judging on the picture, the non-threatening type you would see in a Kohl’s flyer your mom would think is handsome but probably gay. His least favorite three things to do on a date are 1. Pay for everything, 2. Say goodnight, and 3. Get an Uber that doesn’t speak English. This escalated quickly. Moved to Milan for two months – THIS is a story I want to hear. Why only two months? That’s not very long. Did he go trying to be a runway model only to wash out? I met a girl who once moved to New York City for two months – she quit her job and didn’t tell her family, and immediately ran out of money upon getting there and ended up moving back in with her family. This has nothing to do with Brady but seemed related.

Bryan: Has a face that looks familiar, in the sense I want to punch him for no real reason. Says he enjoys the Bachelor franchise because of the social interaction between a man and a woman as they evolve from dating to a relationship to marriage. Bryan, you’re already on the show you don’t need to kiss the producers’ ass anym – actual yeah, if you want to last more than two weeks, you should definitely start kissing ass now, since they rest of this bio is boring. This means he’s probably normal.

Bryce: Has the face of a Minecraft character. Seriously, you could slap a little bit of mortar on his forehead and use it as a brick. Firefighter. Describes himself as the “laidback shot of gasoline when the fire starts to die.” Caught a girl’s hair on fire during sex. First, congrats on the boning. Second, this guy is a pyromaniac masquerading as a firefighter to avoid detection – the Dexter of firefighters. In describing himself as a lover, he said he is “a fresh drink of water with a jolt of lightning” – Rachel, do not have sex with this man. He will electrocute you and/or set you on fire, but he definitely will not make you cum.

Dean: Looks like a minor character in a Jughead comic. Occupation is “startup recruiter” – I’m not clear on what position entails. Wants to push the limits of what he and date would be comfortable with, but is VERY CLEAR that this does not entail biting. Archie does not want to be bit. When asked “what does being married mean to you?,” responded with a spiel about an institutionalized sham derived from religious beliefs that’s a life-long commitment. This dude should read up on what he is signing up for because this is a sham for entirely different reasons, namely in that it is not life-long. I am at 1,000 words already and there is still so much to go.

DeMario: Likes attention, but not like ’07 B. Spears or ’11 Sheen. Wants a relationship like “Beyonce and Jay Z, because Bey and Jay = everyone’s relationship goals”. I swear that’s written verbatim. I didn’t think it was possible, but yes, a black guy can be basic.

Diggy: What the fuck is that name? That’s a nickname right? Looks like Christopher Darden from the People vs OJ with those glasses. Won a “sexual positions” contest in Cancun on spring break once. You should be able to put that on your resume to impress the hiring manager in HR. Was stranded on a toiler for hours in fifth grade – that seems like a problem that could be solved with the complex solution of “standing up” (don’t fret, FDR had trouble with that one too). Once slept with a girl and pretended to be asleep when she received a text her brother was missing so he didn’t have to help find him. I have nothing to add.

Eric: When asked if he’s a party starter, wingman or the laidback one, said he could be it all, the life of the party. Did not understand the question. When asked if he could live in another time period, said “before money was involved.” Didn’t understand that question either.

Fred: Carlton Banks-looking motherfucker. I so desperately wanted to leave this at that, but this is treasury trove of details. His biggest feat is having his card declined – he is fucking Carlton. For some God-forsaken reason, discussed getting boners at work. I cannot see the gain of revealing this bit of information. Now we’re all thinking of your boner tucked into the waistband of your slacks under your desk and we’re all uncomfortable. Perfect date is Pappadeux, which is a Gulf-regional seafood place. It’s terrible. Get it together Carlton. His favorite artist is Jean Michel Basquiat which, as I’m sure our more astute readers have recalled, is the SAME THING RACHEL SAID LAST YEAR IN HER BIO. Carlton did his homework, because of course he fucking did, because he’s Carlton.

Grant: Looks like Dan from Gossip Girl. Man, what a great show that was. Shit in an open 2-liter bottle in Peru on a tour bus. I bet that story sounded a lot better in your head. His favorite magazine is “Playboy ;)” – very subtle, I’m sure no one picked up on the fact you beat off like a thirteen-year-old in 1984. I originally thought these questions were answered verbally, but the emoji suggests these were written out, which makes it so much worse. These answers were premediated, reviewed, smugly approved of, and then submitted. These people are all terrible.

Iggy: Cross-eyed 5’11’’ Hispanic guy. I’m sure he’ll do well here. Like Carlton, I so wanted to leave my clever remark at that, but this dude also felt the burning urge to write out about getting boners during a presentation. What the hell is with these dudes talking about boners? Again, he wrote that down, thought that was a good answer, and was satisfied with himself to submit this to a national audience. I would say have some dignity, but at least we all know his dick works.

Jack Stone: Okay what the fuck is with the nicknames. His name cannot be Jack Stone. Is it “Jackstone,” but mistyped somewhere in the application process? Did he change his name? I could go one, but one look at his face, and I agree this motherfucker is probably really named Jack Stone, and he is immensely proud of it. He’s the worst. Has a dead mom, which he will undoubtedly try to parlay into sympathy after everyone immediately hates him because his name is JACK FUCKING STONE. I will not be able to get pass the name.

Jamey: When asked who else he would be for a day, he said someone less fortunate to appreciate life more. Jamey seems like he might struggle to empathize with other human beings and a possible murderer. Once got caught masturbating. These dudes are so DAMN PROUD of their dicks. After this, I’m going to write the next great American novel about my dick just to really up the scales.

Jedidiah: Another stupid name. His former dogs were all “over ½ wolf” which makes him tough, you see. This dude is loaded, as he humble brags his way through each question – had sex (again congrats bro) “off the continental divide on a glacier in the mountains,” built his parents a 5,000 foot home in Montana, and, I’m going to post this verbatim because it’s incredible, “South Africa is incredible. Raw and beautiful; great coffee, tea, wine, fruit, food, beautiful animals and landscapes, amazing people and very real problems like HIV and violence.” Just incredible. I am struggling to come up with something witty or clever to add to that, but it’s pretty hilarious on it’s own.

Jonathan: His face is too big, and currently demonstrating what I imagine the recipient of a surprise colonoscopy would look like. Stated occupation: Tickle Monster, actual occupation: hiding from authorities after breaking out of prison for a laundry list of sexual crimes.

Josiah: This guy has a real chance. Prosecuting attorney, his answers are normal, but personal enough to lead to character-building later in the season. I got nothing.

Kenny: Professional wrestler. I so hope he is a luchador with the overdramatic, brightly color masked, and that his entrance involves him introducing himself as Kenny, but you may know him better as… EL JEFFE GIGANTE! AYE DIOS MIA! Watch out for the piledriver Rachel, don’t let him get an armbar on you! Anyway, he likes Denzel Washington and the Rock, because everyone likes them and those are boring opinions.

Kyle: Looks like Grant Hill. Has strong opinions on gluten, but immediately prefaces that statement with not knowing what it is or what it is found in. Ex got him into BDSM, but based on the prior statement, I imagine he has no idea what that is either.

Lee: Looks like the type of person who what say some racist-ass shit, and then explain how it wasn’t racist. Has exceptional reverence for someone (something?) only identified as “Mamaw”, who might be a wily yet feared dinosaur from Land of the Lost.

Lucas: Looks like the gayest Jonas brother. Lists his occupation as “Whaboom.” GET SERIOUS LUCAS THIS IS FOR LOVE GET A REAL JOB. If he could have lunch with one person, he selected dead: Bruce Jenner, alive: Caitlyn Jenner. I choose to believe he just independently looks up to these as two different people and has yet to learn about the switch. Weirdly, this is the second guy to mention how much he doesn’t like the Situation from the Jersey Shore. I imagine he was working on his answers when the Situation was charged with tax fraud a few months ago. Very creative, these fellas! Ideal woman would look like Jessica Rabbit. The gayest Jonas brother and I apparently have the same taste. I don’t know what this says about me.

Matt: Long neck. Likes Justin Timberlake, John Mayer and TRAIN. Now, I’m going to avoid a tangent, because Train is one step from Coldplay. I’m moving on before I flip out. Fuck you Alex AND Matt.

Michael: Like Denzel, because everyone likes Denzel. Otherwise, boring as shit. He’ll go far because YAAAAAAAAAWN.

Milton: MILTON. He is a Hotel Recreation Supervisor, which is intend to interpret as the guy who cleans up sweaty towels at the Red Roof Inn on the side of the highway, yeah that one, you know where it is, where they found that body chopped up in the trunk the one time, yeah it WAS nuts, apparently they never solved it, it is creepy, anyway his name is Milton and who cares about the rest.

Mohit: Ahh the token vaguely Middle Eastern/Indian guy. We could likely figure it out, but he won’t be here long enough to care. The wildest thing he’s done in bed is “Tabasco.” Now, I’m more of a Frank’s Red Hot type of guy, but I have so many questions, but due to the sensitive nature of many of the readers, I will pass. Did he not know about whipped cream or chocolate syrup? Neither of those will burn any open holes (just kidding let’s make it weird).

Peter: Our first “business owner”! Will we ever find out what this business is? Absolutely not! Wants a date to be motherly, which is a fair desire in a mate but does sound really strange when you say aloud to someone you’re trying to fuck. Would want to be a football player because “it seems so easy.” Clearly does not know much about football or CTE.

Rob: Wants to be pursued. This is a great answer for someone about to be one of twenty-five contestants trying to pork one girl. Shows good self-awareness. Shoehorns how he’s a US alien, which seems like a bold thing to proclaim in year one of our Benevolent Leader Trump, but you do you Rob.

Will: Eh boring again. Way to end on a dry note, but also WAY TO END AT ALL this took way too long and I should find a hobby.