I Found Ass on Tinder!

It finally happened, I finally found some ass (although sp?) on tinder.




This video is by far the best use of thirty hours I’ve found.  Always appreciate the dynamic resulting from the merger of two great fictions.  300: Making America Great Again Donald Trump Parody.  Perfect casting on the part of Ephialtes, that sniveling sack of political shit.  Hopefully in the remake he’ll cling to his shield with the same tenacity as he does his guns and religion.

Reagan be praised.

Trump 1

Trump 2

Trump 3

Trump 4.png

Trump 5.png

Creationism Right Where it Belongs


This is too good.  Among the lesser evils, including deceit, hypocrisy, logical fallacy, truthiness, and willful ignorance lies (very much pun intended) creationism.  What better way to kick off the list than with the invisible man in the sky!

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The Arbiter of Arrogance

Finance types, specifically “front office” (or revenue generating) members of the finance community, are not immune to the powerful forces of arrogance.  But the bloke below takes this to a whole new level.


Above is a LinkedIn profile photo I recently came across.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with the world.  Looking past the desperate attempts at collecting recommendations and skill endorsements like a hooker ravaging her way though Bed, Bath, and Beyond for her next fix or bath salts, we see the individual works in operations/tech support for a group of traders.  Operations.  Tech.  Support.

There’s no indignity in back office support.  That’s fine.  I’m thrilled that people are employed and are passionate about their work.  But it’s nearly impossible to overlook the plush chair, velvet jacket, fact that he’s holding a framed CFA Institute plaque, and THE FUCKING GILDED FOX HUNT PAINTING.  Congratulations on the CFA exams.  Definitely take pride in your achievements, but as far as LinkedIn profile photos go, you’d expect this dude to have advised on the merger of Goldman Sachs and God (following a brief spinoff following Abacus in 2007).

Even the men in red are feeling embarrassed.